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     The first land based casino experience for many people is walking up to a slot machine and depositing a few coins. Next, a pull of a handle or push of a button and the reels are spinning. When the symbols line up in a matching line, the player is a winner! Bells, lights and music play and if a jackpot is won, the player might be embarrassed to hear a very loud ringing bell go off for several minutes. This lets everyone in the room hear that someone has won big at slots!

There are a few basics to know about slot machine play:

  • Many new slot machines are video slot machines rather than separate reels, but the effect is the same.
  • Players can bet from a penny to $100 or more per game.
  • Slot machines each have a theme, like mythology, cartoons or TV shows.
  • If a player wins big, a hand delivered payoff will be done by a slot attendant.
  • Winning is determined by a random number generator in the machine; every spin has the same chance for winning.
  • Some machines have a bonus feature that will bring much higher payoffs.
  • Machines can have three or more reels of action.
  • Machines have a currency reader to determine the monetary value of cash inserted


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