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Be prepared when you do

     The table is surrounded by excited gamblers, the chips are constantly being thrown around back and forth—Yikes! Although it may look fairly complicated to a novice, craps is actually an easy game to play. Yes, there are a lot of bets that can be made on a table. If all you want to do is get your feet wet, here's an easy guide to the basic action.

  • Find an open spot a the table and place a bet on the Pass line. If you're not sure what the table minimum is, or where exactly to put your chips, make sure to stand near the dealer and ask him. He'll be happy to assist you.
  • When the shooter throws the dice, you are rooting for a seven or an eleven. If either of those hit, you win. If it is a two, three or twelve, you lose.
  • If the shooter rolls any other number, the wager is frozen until he either rolls that same number again (win) or a seven (lose).

     It's that simple. Don't worry about the rest of the table and all the other wagers being placed. Get comfortable with this easy to understand bet and enjoy the game. Once you've gotten the hang of it, then you can look into raising the stakes a bit.
     Until then, come on seven!


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