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Am I ready to sit down and play?

     When you enter a casino poker room, it can be more than a bit daunting. There are giant screens with lists of tables and unusual looking codes, and more often than not, spread out before you are full tables with games that are well under way.
     But fear not! Playing poker at a casino is really quite easy to do. All you have to do is answer a few questions to see if you are ready.

  1. Do you know the ranks of the hands? The casino poker room is no place for learning the rules of the game, so make sure you know HOW to play, at least in terms of what beats what before sitting down. Having said that, the dealers at the tables are there to make sure that nobody cheats and can help inexperienced players learn the procedural ropes.
  2. Do you know the type of poker you want to play? You can play Texas Hold 'Em or 7-Card Stud, but the game at each table is set in place and doesn't change at the dealer's whim. Know what game you want to play in advance.
  3. Have you set a personal budget for how much you're willing to risk? Each table has it's own stakes, so ask for a table with a minimum bet you can afford.

     If you answered yes to all of these questions, then you've got no reason to be scared to sit down. After all, most of the people in that poker room are probably at the same level of play as you are. If they look calmer than you, they may well be bluffing.


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