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      You know you want to do a little gambling at your local casino, and you've decided which game you want to play. Now, the only remaining question is what table to choose...

       Of course, the most important decision to make in choosing a table are the stakes involved. Every table has a sign indicating the minimum required bet that must be made. Read this sign before sitting down, or risk the embarrassing scenario of placing a $10 wager down on a $100 minimum bet table.

       Now there is no such thing as a hot or cold table in terms of winning. However, there is hot and cold in terms of the customers already sitting there. Gambling is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, so if there's a table with plenty of empty seats, be careful. There might be a whole lot of cursing going on, or perhaps another reason why said gambler is all by himself.

       Listen, rather than look, before you choose a seat. If there's laughter going on, then regardless of the results of the wagering, this table is probably a welcome place to sit. Of course, if you're playing blackjack, make sure to ask permission to join in before placing a bet. While you are free to "jump in" mid-shoe, it is considered poor etiquette to do so without getting the table's permission first, and there's no reason to start off on a bad foot with your new "friends."

        Also, the dealer makes the experience. Some dealers are mute zombies, while others resent the customers. These are few and far between, but you want to look for a table with a smiling, talkative dealer, especially if you are new to the gambling scene.

       If you do feel like a change of scenery will change your luck, then by all means move. After all... what have you got to lose?


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